Property Marketing Plan – Skad Real Estate

We utilise a combination of the following proven strategies tailored to your specific property and requirements, to generate genuine inquiries from potential buyers.

"When your property is 'On The Market' For Sale - we want absolutely everyone to know about it!"

We will prepare a marketing plan in conjunction with the vendor to ensure maximum exposure for the property in the market to ensure it reaches the largest number of buyers. The best plans combine a mix of different media such as internet sites, email database marketing, signboard, print advertisements, social, google and search advertising and letter box drops to name a few channels.

Find out how you can get the best result.

Professional Photography & Copywriting

With 70% of buyers likely to see your property online, making sure you have high quality, accurate images of the property will help your property stand out from the crowd.

Dusk photography is a premium product. There’s no doubt that dusk photos can appear stunning and create a real ‘wow’ factor. The lighting effects at sunset can engender a unique and special mood for the property that, in turn, can result in more online hits than some daylight photos may attract.

Good copywriting will evoke imagination and aspiration and connect with buyers.

Professional Floor Plan & Site Plan

Just as photographs are invaluable, more and more buyers are looking for specific details/information such as Floor Plans. These plans are especially valuable on a Website Listing, as buyers can better visualise layout and proximity of spaces before viewing the property.

We regularly incorporate Floor Plans into our Listings as a strategy which is increasingly paying dividends. We can organise plans which utilise either line drawings or graphics depending on what our Sellers feel is best for their particular property.

Drone Shots

Top Down Shot

By flying directly above the property and looking straight down, this shot gives the potential buyer an understanding of the size of the lot. Later, in post-production, you can include annotations such as dimensions, frontage, area boundary lines etc.

Oblique Shot 

Where the camera is pointed at a 45-degree angle, with the property in the lower 3rd of the frame. Framing should include the land, horizon, and sky. It is generally taken roughly 200 meters away from the property, allowing for the surrounding area and point of interest to be in the shot too.

3D Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours allows you to capture any property in virtual reality in less than 30 minutes using your smartphone, a 360 camera and tripod. The tour then uploads to the 360 VR dashboard, where you can tweak your tour (lock rooms, obscure items from view etc.)

Exposure of your property on the web is vital and extremely valuable in today’s market. We have developed our very own website ( to showcase not only our office but also the properties which we have for sale. We have taken care to ensure that each and every property is presented at its very best.

In order to gain maximum exposure for our properties, we have researched and selected around 45 digital platforms that we believe to be the very best Websites available and have chosen to work with the sites which we believe will generate the most leads.

Social media

SKAD and Facebook have teamed up to create a custom-built automated Facebook and Instagram advertising platform, which will amplify the promotion of our property listings to ensure the maximum number of people see and engage with our properties.

Print Media and property brochures and drop cards
Newspapers still remain a key media placement. Not all buyers are online. Active buyers will most likely see a property online, however there are a significant number of passive buyers also in the market who didn’t know they were looking until they found the right property, or were adopting a wait and see approach to buying. Whilst there is movement to online channels, it really pays to use both the internet and print media in your marketing plan, particularly for sellers having an auction who need to attract the greatest number of buyers in a short amount of time.


It is like a 24/7 sales person in front of your home calling everyone passing. A large and prominent Photo Sign is erected at the property. The sign incorporates colour photographs and property details and always generates lots of enquiries. A simple yet incredibly effective method of letting people know your home is on the market.

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is a powerful, affordable way to market your home. It requires minimal investment and produces incredible results. Like traditional home staging, virtual staging makes your house more appealing by helping buyers envision your house as their home.

Virtual staging works because people don’t buy houses; they buy a story of what their life would be like in a new home.

Professional property styling

Styling your home to sell is an important element to a successful sale according to 98% of SKAD agents. Home styling can be decluttering, cleaning and depersonalising the home, rearranging the existing furnishings and accessories through, to employing a professional home stylist who will remove the majority of the existing belongings and refurnish / decorate the space with hired items.

Property styling your home will boost final sales price from 8.5% to 14.5% according to a survey. With 91% surveyed agents believing you will earn a higher price by property styling. We have a team of professionals that helps you design your home and advises you affordable ideas of property styling.

Client Database

Each of our Sales Team maintains a Database of potential and qualified Buyers that they are working with as well as clients they have kept in contact with from past associations. When a new property is listed, they are very proactive in contacting these people to alert them to a listing which may suit their requirements.

Most importantly … we never give up!

We will maintain our enthusiasm and will keep pushing and promoting your property until a Sale eventuates — and we will always keep you informed of our progress along the way.