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“While the thought of purchasing your first investment property in the Northern Suburbs may be exciting, it carries with it a level of complexity and emphasise that you may not foresee. There’s more involved than simply registering your name on the contract. The process can be overwhelming, mainly for one who lacks knowledge about all processes.

For buyers considering property investment in the Northern Suburbs, it’s vital to hold precautionary measures before making the final decision. Entrenched in a complicated web of processes and regulations, genuine estate transactions are best handled by professionals and experts who grasp the risks and their the same as mitigating elements.


1. Beware of any advice offered—it will nearly always disadvantage you.
From plan marketers to sales agents, countless parties in the real estate industry will have their eyes on the committee pie. Nobody delivers you self-reliant or objective advice if they all work for the vendor in the property transaction. More repeatedly than not, any “free advice” they provide is always ‘sales advice’ and is backed by a property they’re trying to sell. In short, they’ll not think twice about trying to convince you they’re delivering you an excellent deal on a property that may not meet your needs so they can sell that property.

2. Know your risks.
Here, how much risk you’re willing to take shows how much you’re willing to gain. Real estate investment and the techniques needed to get into the market are complex. Be aware of those who try to market concepts for their services to make it seem simple, as they’re bound to either confound you in the process or ultimately separate you from your money. Knowing how much you’re willing to risk will assist you in making fact-based decisions and ensuring you only buy an investment property in the Northern Suburbs necessary for your risk profile and needs.

3. Consider how much debt you’re prepared to handle.As much as we want to use our own finances, making big decisions that involve property investment in the Northern Suburbs will put a need more money than you have. This is where a mortgage broker will be helpful and knowledgeable as they’ll have the proper contacts who can assist you to buy property in the Northern Suburbs. They’ll assist with your borrowing capacity and supply the best loan structuring for your real estate needs.

4. Understand your limitations in terms of knowledge and skills in purchasing investment properties in the Northern Suburbs.
From research to negotiation, finances to the actual acquisition—the complete process of deciding to buy a property in the Northern Suburbs takes a specialised skill set and impeccable industry knowledge that unfortunately not everyone has. Realize that this immense purchaser involves a soaring level of risk. Putting a considerable number of your hard-earned money into the wrong property can be disastrous. Get assistance and advice from knowledgeable agent or buyer advocate. They can assist you with the vast majority of aspects of the process for example researching, searching, negotiating, and buying amongst others. Paying for a buyer’s agent to assist you is frequently cheaper than losing time (and hence money) in a rising and rapidly moving market.

5. Have your potential investment property checked by professionals.Hire the services of relevant professionals to check various factors of your potential investment property. Get a pest inspector, building inspector to enquire and identify any cosmetic or structural issues that the property may have. This is a risk reduction process where you’re working out other costs or expenses you can factor in before considering any following offer.

6. Make sure you have contracts checked by a solicitor or a conveyancer.After you’ve decided on an investment property in the Northern Suburbs, it’s vital to have the contract reviewed by a solicitor or conveyancer for ensuring any aspect of it is thoroughly reviewed and nothing is left to chance. They should be qualified to assist and point out any areas of risk in the contract so you’re well notified about everything that the contract entails. If you have terms and conditions or anything else relating to the contract, they’ll be ready to assist you to outline those and discussing them accordingly.

7. Get the services of an excellent property manager.Once the property contract is unconditional, gain the services of a property manager who will help your asset on your behalf. Take the time to carefully assess and choose a reliable person to be trusted with your investment property in the Northern Suburbs. Contact our skillful property management team to discuss leasing your investment property today!”



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