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10 Secrets to Finding the Best Properties for Sale in Thomastown

If you are looking to settle down in Thomastown, Victoria and you are searching for the perfect property to call your dream home? Then look no further, consult Skad Real Estate to know about the availability of properties in this suburb. We have also compiled ten insider secrets that will guide you thoroughly before starting this interesting journey!


  1. Partner with a Local Real Estate Expert


Exploring the Thomastown real estate market can be difficult without local knowledge. Collaborating with a genuine and reputable real estate agent who knows that area can be helpful. They can provide insights and can negotiate prices on your behalf.


  1. Define Your Requirements Clearly


Before starting your search in any area, you should set clear requirements of yours like what kind house, apartment or townhouse you want! Also, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and size of the land. Also, take into consideration the proximity to schools, parks and set your budget.


  1. Explore Online Listings Regularly


Keep a regular check on property listings on the Skad Real Estate’s website and social media which are great sources of information about properties for sale in Thomastown, complete descriptions, clear photos and virtual tours.


  1. Attend Open Houses and Inspections


Moreover, attending open houses and inspections can help you explore  more about the real estate in Thomastown. You can also imagine yourself living in the property.


  1. Consider Off-Peak Buying Seasons


Try to consider buying property during off-peak seasons, when competition is lower, as it leads to better deals.


  1. Research Neighbourhood Amenities


Thomastown offers a variety of amenities like schools, parks, shopping centres, and public transport options. You need to research upon these amenities and their closeness to the available properties before making a decision.


  1. Inspect Property Condition Thoroughly


When viewing properties, pay close attention to the condition of the home. Look for signs of maintenance issues or renovations needed, which can impact your overall investment.


  1. Factor in Future Development


You should also pay attention to future development near the property which can impact the property value in future, so make an informed decision before taking this factor into account.


  1. Get Pre-Approved for Financing


You should get your finances pre-approved before starting your property search. Thus, you will get to know your budget and it will be much easier for you to buy a property accordingly.


  1. Trust Your Instincts


Your instincts can tell a lot more than anything else. If you feel like the property is meant for you, then it likely is.


So what are you waiting for?


Go through the Skad Real Estate’s website today to kickstart your search for properties in Thomastown. Your perfect home awaits!

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How To Find the Best Rental Properties in Melbourne

If you are looking for the best possible rental property in Melbourne, then you have come to the perfect place which is our website! We know it can be overwhelming to go through the listings even if you are searching for an apartment or a cosy house, this guide will help you streamline your search and find the best possible rental property in Melbourne.


  1. Define Your Budget

You need to first set up your budget when you browse listings. Melbourne offers a wide range of rental properties to fit different budgets. You can use keywords like “rental properties Melbourne under $200 ” or “cheap rental properties Melbourne“, so that it will become easy to find a house or apartment that matches your financial constraints.


  1. Utilise Online Platforms

You can be informed about our new listings from time to time if you follow our social media accounts and check on our website from time to time. Keep yourself informed about the availability of such properties if you wish to buy!


  1. Explore Different Suburbs

Melbourne is full of a variety of suburbs; each has some unique facilities and unique charm.You need to consider exploring suburbs outside the CBD for properties that don’t hurt your pocket or are found at reasonable prices. You can use keywords like “rental properties Melbourne suburbs” to explore gems in the city’s outskirts.


  1. Consider Private Rentals

You need to consider private rentals that offer more flexibility and personalised agreements in contrast to traditional property management agencies. You need to use keywords like ” private rental properties Melbourne Vic” or “fully furnished rental properties Melbourne ” to find listings that are managed by individuals.


  1. Short-Term and Long-Term Options

Melbourne has many options to suit your needs even if you wish to have a short-term stay or looking out for a long-term rental. You can use keywords like “short-term rental properties Melbourne” or “commercial rental properties Melbourne” to refine your search based on duration and property type.


  1. Explore Special Programs

If you’re eligible, explore special programs like NRAS (National Rental Affordability Scheme) that offer discounted rental properties in Melbourne. Use specific keywords like “NRAS rental properties Melbourne” to find listings under these programs.


  1. Visit Open Inspections

Once you’ve shortlisted a few properties, attend open inspections to get a feel for the neighbourhood and the property itself. This will help you make an informed decision and visualise yourself living in the space.


Happy house hunting!


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A Comprehensive Guide to Houses for Sale in Craigieburn


Are you looking to buy or rent a house in Craigieburn, Melbourne? This article would be very beneficial for you when you think about real estate in this dynamic suburb. The properties here are furnished and highly classy to suit your taste, once you visit these properties for inspection.

Houses for Sale in Craigieburn

Discover the latest listings of houses for sale in Craigieburn on our website. We have highlighted the pricing, details about number of bedrooms, bathrooms, car spaces, everything has been explained so well that you would love to live in these houses.

House for Rent in Craigieburn

If you looking for a rental property in this suburb, then also you won’t be disappointed, we have got a various range of family homes to upgrade your living standards and to bring more happiness of living in your life. These properties are just so exquisite and luxurious to stay in.

Real Estate Trends in Craigieburn

Stay informed about the current real estate trends shaping Craigieburn. We’ll discuss property values, market conditions, and investment opportunities in this growing suburb.

Recent Property Sales in Craigieburn

Get insights into recent house sales in Craigieburn. Learn about average sale prices, popular property types, and neighbourhoods experiencing high demand.

Luxury Living in Beveridge !!

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bath
  • 2 Garage

Great Home!

  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bath
  • 1 Garage

Great Family Living at most desirable location !!

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bath
  • 448 squareMeter
  • 2 Garage

Beautiful Home ... Quality Living!!!

  • 6 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bath
  • 576 squareMeter
  • 2 Garage

Great investment property with amazing tenancy !!

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bath
  • 2 Garage

Call this Brand-New House your Dream Home

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bath
  • 372 squareMeter
  • 2 Garage

Luxury Living in Wollert

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bath
  • 2 Garage

Luxurious 5 Bedroom House for Sale !!

  • 5 Bedrooms
  • 4 Bath
  • 2 Garage


Whether you’re a prospective buyer, renter, or investor, Craigieburn offers a range of real estate options. Stay tuned for valuable insights and tips to navigate the housing market in this thriving Melbourne suburb.

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The Impact of Festive Decor on Real Estate Sales During the Festive Season

The Impact of Festive Decor on Real Estate Sales During the Festive Season As the festive season draws in Australia, the sales of real estate or properties start to increase. By using wallpapers of different kinds, colors and themes, can help in enhancing the visual appeal of the properties from inside and can attract more customers or leads.


Creating a Warm Welcome with Wall paper:

As the festive season in Australia concides with summer season, the homeowners usually use the wall papers to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the buyers. During this time, a subtle tone or festive look given to the walls by purchasing wallpapers can potentially envoke emotions in buyers. Wallpapers that reflect natural beauty of Australia can also be used in adding more beauty and tone to plain walls in context of festive season.


Elevating the Visual Appeal:

First impressions are crucial in competitive real estate market. Festive decor of the interiors of the properties captivates the home buyers and instills in them the emotions of celebrating holidays and festivals within those walls.Wallpaper has the ability to enhance the aesthetics of a property,whether it’s a contemporary geometric pattern or a classic damask motif, making it more appealing to prospective buyers. Fostering Emotional Connections: Wallpapers not just add aesthetics to the walls but builds emotional connection with the homebuyers. They envision or imagine the lifestyle and experiences they may have in the house by looking at the walls covered with wall paper. Wallpapers deepen the emotional connection with the homebuyers and reflect the taste of the homesellers.

Navigating the Market Dynamics: The impact of festive decor, particularly wall paper, on property sales cannot be overlooked in the Australian real estate market, where competition is fierce. Homesellers usually use the festive adornments to strategically gain more customers and closing bigger deals. However, the subtle appeal of the properties should not get imbalanced by using too much festive decor on walls, home sellers should strike a balance between subtle look and festive decor so that the homebuyers should not get overwhelmed.


By using wallpapers to create a warm welcome, enhance visual appeal, and foster emotional connections, sellers can increase the desirability of their properties and stand out in a competitive market. As the holiday season is approaching, homesellers and real estate professionals can leverage the festive decor to make their properties stand out among others, eventually increasing sales and giving a perfect festive retrear to the homebuyers.


10 Guidelines for Discovering Available Land for Sale in Epping

If you’re looking for land in Epping to buy, it can be hard to know where to start. But don’t worry, with the right advice, you can make the process easier and make more informed decisions. We’ve put together a list of 10 key tips to help you find the perfect piece of land, all with the help of an Epping real estate agent.


1. Collaborate With A Nearby Epping-Based Real Estate Agent.


Start your land hunting journey with the help of a local Epping real estate agent. They know the area inside and out and can help you find the best land and the latest market trends.


2. Define Your Purpose And Preferences:


Make sure you tell your real estate agent exactly why you want to buy land and what kind of property you’re looking for. Do you want a home, a business, or an investment property? Knowing what you’re looking for will help your real estate agent find the perfect property for you.


3.Take Into Account Budget Considerations.


Figure out how much you can realistically afford to spend on land. Talk to your estate agent who can then put together a list of Epping land for sale that fits your budget.


4. Examine Zoning Regulations.


Before you make any decisions, make sure you’re familiar with Epping’s zoning laws. An experienced real estate agent will help you navigate the local zoning regulations and make sure the land you’re interested in is compatible with your needs.

5. Investigate Infrastructure And Amenities.


It is important to consider the location of the property in relation to the necessary infrastructure and amenities, such as educational institutions, medical facilities, and transportation nodes. Your local Epping Realtor can provide you with valuable information about the surrounding area and its amenities.


6. Check Land Accessibility:


Make sure the land is easy to get to. Road access and being close to major roads can make or break the value and usefulness of your property.

7. Environmental Considerations:


Understand the environmental impact of the property. This includes soil health, potential risks, and any environmental regulations. Your real estate professional will walk you through the environmental impact so you can make an informed decision.


8. Explore upcoming development plans.


Contact your local real estate agent to find out if there are any upcoming developments nearby. Your Epping agent will be able to tell you if there are any changes that could affect the value and attractiveness of the property in the future.


9. Conduct a Title Search:


Before entering into any agreement, it is important to conduct a comprehensive title search to verify that the land is free from any legal impediments. Your local real estate agent can help with this process, giving you the assurance that you are in good hands.


10. Schedule a Site Visit:


There’s no better way to get a first-hand feel for a piece of land than to schedule a site visit with an Epping estate agent. This way, you’ll be able to get a bird’s-eye view of the area, take a closer look at the topography of the land, and get a better idea of what you’d like to do with the property.


Basically, if you stick to these 10 tips and work with a top-notch real estate agent who knows Epping like the back of their hand, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect piece of land that fits your needs and wants.


Beginner Guide to Buying A House In Australia

If you’re just starting out in the property market in Australia, buying your first home can be a really exciting and meaningful moment in your life. But at the same time, it can also be quite intimidating. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help make the process a bit easier. So let’s take it step by step!

  • Understand Your Budget


Before you start looking for a house, it’s important to know your budget. Make sure you have a good understanding of your finances, including savings, income and any current financial commitments. Here are a few of the expenses you will need to take into account:


  • Deposit: Most lenders will require a minimum deposit of 10% of the purchase price. However, some lenders will accept deposits of up to 10%. 
  • Stamp Duty: The amount of stamp duty varies depending on the state in which the transaction takes place. Check your local government’s website to see the amount you’ll have to pay. 
  • Legal and conveyancing fees: You’ll need a solicitor/conveyancer to deal with the legal aspects of the process.
  • Inspection costs: Get a building/pest inspection.
  • Loan Costs: Loan approval and valuation fees may be charged by the lender.

  • Research the Market


If you’re looking to buy a property in Australia, it’s important to keep in mind that the market can be very different from place to place. It’s a good idea to research different areas to get an idea of what the property prices are, what amenities are available, and what the lifestyle is like. Think about where your kids go to school, where you can get to the shops, and what local services are available.

  • Get Pre-Approved for a Loan


If you’re looking to buy a home, it’s a good idea to start shopping for a loan early on in your home-buying process. Reach out to several lenders and ask for a loan pre-approval. This will help you get a better understanding of the terms of the loan, such as the interest rate, loan amount, and loan repayment options.

  •  Engage a Buyer’s Agent (Optional)


If you are feeling overwhelmed by the property market, it may be beneficial to consider engaging the services of a Buyer’s Agent. This type of agent can assist you in locating suitable properties that are within your budget, as well as negotiating on your behalf.

  • Home Searching


Now it’s time to start searching for a home. Open houses and inspections are a great way to get a first-hand look at different properties. Make sure to document your experience by taking notes and taking photos. This is especially important if you’re looking at multiple properties. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get as many answers as possible.

  • Conduct Due Diligence


It is essential to conduct an in-depth investigation of any property you are interested in once you have identified it. This includes verifying the legal status of the property, such as titles and zoning laws. Additionally, it is recommended to invest in a building inspection and pest control to uncover any potential problems that may not be visible during an informal viewing.

  • Make an Offer


It is essential to conduct an in-depth investigation of any property you are interested in once you have identified it. This includes verifying the legal status of the property, such as titles and zoning laws. Additionally, it is recommended to invest in a building inspection and pest control to uncover any potential problems that may not be visible during an informal viewing.

  • Contract of Sale


When it comes to making an offer, work with your real estate agent to make a fair offer based on market values and the current state of the home. Be ready to negotiate with the sellers. Negotiations can take a while, so be patient.

  • Finalize Your Loan


Once your offer is approved, you’ll sign a contract of sale. It’s best to get a lawyer or conveyancer to review it. You’ll have to put down a deposit, usually 10% of your purchase price, when you sign the contract.

  •  Settlement


Once the contract has been signed, it is necessary to submit all relevant documents to the lender for final approval of the home loan. In the event of favourable market conditions, it may be beneficial to lock in the interest rate.


The settlement period is usually between 30 and 90 days after the signing of the contract. Your lawyer or conveyancer will take care of the money transfer and all the legal documents to make the property legally yours.

  •  Handover and Moving In


Before you settle, make sure the property is in the best shape possible. On the day of the settlement, the property will be yours and you can pick up the keys. Schedule your move, make sure your address is up to date with the right authorities, and get utilities set up in your name.

  •  Post-Purchase Responsibilities


Once you’ve moved into your new house, it’s important to make sure you’ve got all the utilities like water, power, gas and internet set up. You also need to know what your rights as a homeowner are, like how to pay your property taxes and council taxes.

  • Consider Home Insurance


When it comes to protecting your investment, home insurance is one option to consider. Home insurance helps protect your house and belongings from all sorts of different things.

  •  Engage with the Community


Finally, get involved with your new community. Get involved with local groups, attend local events, and get to know your neighbors. Having strong community connections can make a huge difference in your home-buying process.


To sum up, buying a property in Australia is an important decision but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Follow these steps and don’t be afraid to ask for advice from experts who are well-versed in local laws. You’ll be able to start your property journey confidently and make your lifelong dream of owning a home a reality. Best of luck!



A Complete Guide To Purchasing The Best House for Sale In Epping

You’ve taken the decision to become a homeowner and this is the start of a fascinating new chapter in your life. Now for the hard part – actually finding and buying the perfect place. If you’re looking at houses for sale in Epping, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to find your dream home in this charming suburb.

From setting a budget and getting pre-approved for a mortgage to evaluating the neighborhood and making an offer, buying a house can feel overwhelming. But when you find that place you can picture yourself living in for years to come, all the stress and struggle will be worth it. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an old pro at real estate, use this guide to learn insider tips that will help you navigate the process with confidence. By the end, you’ll be well on your way to calling a house in Epping your home sweet home.

Factors to Consider When Buying a House for Sale in Epping

When buying a house for sale in Epping, there are several factors to keep in mind.


One of the most important considerations is location. Do you want to be close to schools, public transport, shops, or recreational facilities? Evaluate how convenient and suitable the location is for your lifestyle needs. Also consider future development plans for the area and how that might impact things like traffic, noise levels, and amenities.

Property Type

Next, determine what type of property suits you best. Are you looking for a house, townhouse, unit, or land to build on? Each comes with its own set of pros and cons regarding size, outdoor space, amenities, and maintenance required. Think about your budget and needs now as well as what may change in the coming years.


With Epping’s desirable lifestyle and location, house prices can be quite high. Make sure you understand your budget and loan pre-approval amount before starting your search. Consider the asking price as well as additional costs like stamp duty. Look for properties well within your budget in case of a bidding war.


Carefully inspect the property to evaluate its overall condition and any work that may need to be done. Check for signs of structural damage or water leaks and see if any major fixtures or fittings need repair or replacement. Consider costs for any necessary renovations or repairs in your overall budget.


Finally, consider the facilities and amenities close by like schools, shops, medical centers, and public parks. Also, look at onsite facilities if part of an apartment complex or gated community. Ensure any facilities you need access to suit your needs and are in good condition.

With some thought about these key factors, you’ll find a house for sale in Epping that ticks all the right boxes for you. Best of luck with your search!

Researching the Best Neighborhoods and Locations

To find the perfect house for you in Epping, do your homework and research the different neighborhoods. Some of the most popular areas are:

Epping Town Center

The downtown area around Main Street has beautiful historic homes on tree-lined streets within walking distance of shops and restaurants. Homes here tend to be on the pricier side, but the location can’t be beaten.

West Epping

West of Route 125, you’ll find more rural neighborhoods with larger properties, forests, and ponds. Homes here offer more privacy but may require a longer commute. Check what internet options are available as some areas only have satellite access.

Southern Epping

The neighborhoods south of Route 101, like Mary Blair Park and Colonial Village, offer reasonably priced homes in a semi-suburban setting. Lots tend to be at least an acre, and Exeter is only a 10-minute drive for more shopping and dining options.

Wherever you choose, drive around the different areas at different times of day to get a feel for the neighborhood and see how long your commute might be. Check crime statistics to determine safety. And of course, your budget will play a big role in your decision. With some exploring, you’re sure to find your perfect little corner of Epping to call home.

Setting Your Budget for a House for Sale in Epping

Setting a budget is one of the most important steps when buying a house for sale in Epping. This will determine what type of home you can afford and guide you through the negotiation process.

To determine your budget, start by calculating your annual income and monthly expenses. See how much you have left over each month that could go toward a mortgage payment. Most experts recommend not spending more than 28% of your monthly income on housing costs.

Next, check your credit score and credit report. Your score will impact the interest rate you can get on a mortgage, which directly affects your monthly payment. Work to improve any errors on your report and pay off high-interest debts. The higher your score, the lower your interest rate.

Then, determine how much you have for an upfront down payment. Ideally, aim for 20% of the purchase price or more. The more you can put down, the better. It will qualify you for a lower interest rate and mean paying less interest over the life of the loan.

Check current interest rates on 30-year fixed mortgages. Use an online mortgage calculator to estimate your monthly payment at different interest rates so you know how much house your budget can afford. Get pre-approved for a mortgage before you start looking at homes. This will show sellers you’re serious and allow you to make a competitive offer when you find a house you want to purchase.

Once you know your budget, you can start looking at houses for sale in Epping in your price range. But be sure to consider additional costs like property taxes, insurance, maintenance, and utilities. Leave some room in your budget for unexpected expenses. While you want to get the most house for your money, don’t stretch yourself too thin. Buy something you can afford now and in the future.

With a realistic budget in place, you’ll be in a great position to find and purchase your perfect house for sale in Epping. Stay within your limits, get preapproved, and you’ll be settling into your new home in no time!

Working With a Real Estate Agent to Find Houses for Sale in Epping

real estate agent

Working with an experienced real estate agent who knows the Epping area well is key to finding the best house for sale for you. They can help guide you through the entire home-buying process, from start to finish.

Knowledge of the Local Market

A good real estate agent will have their finger on the pulse of the Epping housing market. They know which neighborhoods are up-and-coming average home prices, and factors that could affect home values down the road. They can determine if a house you’re interested in is reasonably and accurately priced. Their insight and expertise could save you thousands of dollars and help you avoid purchasing an overpriced property.

Access to New Listings

Real estate agents have direct access to new listings as soon as they hit the market, often before they’re posted on public websites. They can proactively send you details on houses that meet your criteria so you can schedule viewings right away before there’s too much competition from other buyers. Acting fast is key in a hot real estate market.

Negotiating the Best Deal

Once you find a house you want to make an offer on, a real estate agent can help negotiate the best possible deal on your behalf. They know what constitutes a fair offer based on the current market and factors like the home’s condition and recent selling prices of comparable properties. They can go back and forth with the seller and their agent to get you the best price and terms.

Handling the Paperwork

The real estate sales process involves a ton of paperwork, including the official offer, purchase and sale agreement, closing documents, and more. Your agent will ensure all necessary forms are filled out properly and submitted on schedule. They’ll also coordinate with the seller’s agent, mortgage lender, home inspector, and any other parties involved in your transaction. Letting the agent handle the paperwork will make the entire process much less stressful and confusing for you.

In summary, working with an experienced real estate agent to buy a house in Epping is highly advisable. Their knowledge, expertise, and handling of details will make finding and purchasing your dream home as seamless as possible.

Making an Offer and Negotiating on a House for Sale in Epping

Making an offer on a house for sale in Epping is an exciting step, but also requires careful consideration. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Do your research

Check recent selling prices of comparable properties in the neighborhood to determine a fair offer price range. Look at the current market conditions to see if it’s leaning more towards buyers or sellers. The more informed you are, the better prepared you’ll be to negotiate.

Get pre-approved for a mortgage

Work with a lender to get pre-approved for a home loan before making an offer. The seller will take an offer more seriously if they know you have financing in place. Preapproval also allows you to make a “cash” offer, giving you a competitive advantage.

Determine your maximum price

Decide how high you’re willing to go for the property based on your budget and needs. Let your real estate agent know your limit so they can properly represent you during negotiations. Don’t get caught up in a bidding war and go above what you can afford.

Submit your offer

Present your offer to the seller in writing, either directly or through your agent. Explain why you believe it’s a fair price by referencing your research. Politely request certain inclusions like appliances or furnishings you’re interested in. Ask for a reasonable amount of time for the seller to consider and respond to your offer.

Be willing to negotiate

Expect some back-and-forth. The seller may counter with a higher price or make requests of their own. Negotiate in good faith, compromising when you can. If you reach an impasse, you can walk away or revisit the offer later. Stay within your maximum price and don’t feel pressured into accepting terms you’re not comfortable with.

With patience and persistence, you can land a great deal on your dream home for sale in Epping. But go in with realistic expectations – successful negotiation is a two-way street!


You’ve now armed yourself with all the knowledge you need to find the best house for sale in Epping. Go out there and start checking out open houses, connecting with real estate agents, and browsing listings on your favorite property sites. Don’t get too discouraged if you don’t find “the one” right away. House hunting takes time. Stay patient and stick to your budget. The perfect place for you is out there, you just have to keep looking. Once you do find it, negotiating the best price and finalizing all the paperwork will be so worth it. Before you know it, you’ll be moving into your new home in Epping. Best of luck on your search and happy house hunting! The keys to your dream home are waiting for you.



5 Ways to Find The Best Properties for Sale in Thomastown

Do you often find yourself imagining the perfect properties for sale in Thomastown? We understand that you want to buy your dream house in this location and settle down with your family. But you are dragging your feet too much to start looking at the houses for sale in Thomastown because you don’t know how or where to start.

And you are also aware that the real estate market is pretty hot in this area, with more demand than inventory.

But worry not!

We have found five realistic ways to find the best properties for sale in Thomastown. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and start scrolling through this article to figure out how to take the first step towards fulfilling your dream.


Practical Ways To Search For The Best Properties For Sale In Thomastown:


Below we have listed 5 different ways by which you can find and approach potential property sellers in Thomastown. Even if all five may not work for you, we guarantee that at least 3 options are easy-peasy to get started.


Hire A Local Real Estate Agency.

A well-connected and hardworking real estate agent is all you need to discover the best properties for sale in Thomastown. But hire a local one. Why? Because once you have decided to buy a property in Thomastown, only the local agent will know the following:

More knowledge of the local market: A local agent will know everything at their fingertip. Be it the current trend, the prices, or even the inventory.

Help you locate the right neighbourhood: Remember, Thomastown is a suburb of Melbourne with an area of 14.7 square kilometres and over 20 thousand residents. Finding the best locality that’s safe for your family to dwell in is not a cupcake. A local real estate agent can help you in this matter.

Negotiation is an art mastered by real estate agents: Besides helping you find the ideal property for sale, an agent can negotiate on your behalf and sign the best deal possible.

Ensure a butter-like buying process: It’s not a new story that the home buying process is daunting and chaotic if not done right. A local real estate agent not only helps you choose a property but can also assist in closing the deal. They can also help you with things like getting pre-approved for a mortgage and finding a home inspector.


Use Social Media


Connecting with potential sellers over social media is more efficient and free than face-to-face networking in a local club. Because you can sit in the comfort of your home and connect with people without hassle.

Since the advent of social media, more opportunities have opened up to network with investors to do joint ventures or virtual wholesaling.

We recommend joining a few local real estate investing groups in Thomastown on Facebook or LinkedIn and building relationships with investors. Since a diverse number of people who often deal with buying and selling are present, you may get an easy chance of finding a property for sale in Thomastown or any location you favour in general.

Besides this, you can follow real estate agents and brokers who share listings and tips on social media. These professionals can bring you the latest properties on the market.

The top advantage is that you can also research the neighbourhood before you buy a property. For instance, social media posts themselves will give you a sense of what the property’s location might look like.


Online Resources/Sites


Did you know that 97% of buyers relied solely on the Internet to start their property research? Moreover, online listings are the main source where potential buyers dwell on buying properties. So why not follow in the same footsteps?

What’s interesting about this approach is that buyers and sellers can connect to find properties to buy or sell. Since online listings provide a wealth of information about properties, such as photos, descriptions, and property details, it can aid buyers in deciding which property is right for them.

These online sites also allow home buyers to compare properties side-by-side, which can be helpful in making a decision about which property to buy.

If you find a property intriguing, you can ping the real estate agency to enquire about it and even hire them to help you in the buying process.


Attend Open Houses


Attending open houses is one of the best ways to find properties for sale in your favourite location. You can visit different neighbourhoods and see what types of properties are available in your price range. This also gives you the opportunity to meet and talk to real estate agents who can help you find other properties that meet your criteria.

If you have any doubts or want to enquire about the property, you can directly ask the real estate agent in charge. Also, you can walk around the neighbourhood, talk to the residents, and get an idea of what this place will be like if you live here in the future.

Photos and online descriptions can only give you the gist of information about a property. When you attend an open house, you can learn more. So, it’s a low-pressure way to get a feel for the market and start your home-buying journey.

But before attending open houses, research the property and the neighbourhood. And arrive early because it’s often crowded. Lastly, remember that the property is still someone’s home, so respect the owners and their belongings.


Direct Mail Marketing


Why direct mail? Does it really work? Is it, not the old-school method? Well, direct mail is making a comeback.

And as the name suggests, direct mail goes directly to the target audience. In fact, the best part about using direct mail marketing is that you can target specific groups of people whose homes are marked as vacant, behind on taxes, etc., exclusively based on geographic location.

For instance, you can target potential sellers in Thomastown. This increases the chances of better responses. Also, you won’t waste time pitching people who aren’t even selling properties.

You are less likely to grab the attention of potential sellers if you send out a direct, generic piece to everyone. Why not be a bit more creative and interactive with your direct mail approach? Onboard your writing skills and create a clear and concise message that hooks the readers and includes a strong call to action.

Your work doesn’t end after sending a single letter. Following up with potential sellers is crucial.


Quick Points To Keep In Mind Before Choosing The Properties For Sale In Thomastown

First, set your budget. What’s the use of visiting pro

property for sale in thomastown

perties for sale that don’t fit your pocket? But before you fix a budget, know how much you can borrow from your bank and others. Also, don’t forget to calculate the additional costs, including maintenance, property taxes, and repairs, that may be incurred.

Check the size and layout of the property for sale so that it meets your needs. If you have a large family or need an extra spare room to host guests or a property in Thomastown with a home office, you must personalise the search in that way.

As a real estate investor, Louis Glickman says, “The best investment on Earth is Earth.” But how do you know if the houses for sale in Thomastown are worth the penny? Consider the future value of the property before making a purchase. For this, do some deep research to see if the property will appreciate in value over time.

Check the location again. Even if Thomastown seems to be your ideal location to buy a property for sale, you must check if it is located near amenities. Nobody would want to travel miles to work or take their kids to school far from their house. So, check if amenities such as shopping centres, healthcare facilities, and schools are near the property.

What is the condition of the property? If it’s a brand-new house, you don’t have to worry about how structurally sound it is. But if the property has already been used for years, confirm that it doesn’t have major defects.

Before purchasing the property, did you check the legal considerations such as title, zoning, and permits? Don’t overlook this point; otherwise, you might face trouble in the long run.

Now, reading these factors to check might have made you tired. Hire a local real estate agent from SKAD Real Estate to ease your job. This real estate agency specialises in helping people sell or buy properties in Thomastown and Craigieburn, in Melbourne, Australia.

Final Words


Finding the best houses for sale in Thomastown can be a challenging task. But with these practical ways mentioned in this article, you can definitely find the best house.

By taking a strategic approach and exploring various resources, such as online listings, networking, and local real estate events, you can uncover hidden gems and make informed decisions about your investment. However, we highly recommend working with a reputable real estate agent who can provide valuable insights and guide you through the buying process.

If you need more help choosing the best property for sale, contact SKAD real estate. This full-service agency can take care of everything, from property searches to signing the deal for you. Contact us today.




Exclusive Trends Of Rental Properties To Look Out For In 2023

Whether you are planning to rent a property in Australia or searching for potential customers to lease your property as a landlord, then you must be aware of the current trends in rental properties. The rental property industry is likely to experience a major shift in 2023. 

This is due to the changing demands and preferences of renters, landlords, and even property managers. From technological advancements to sustainability and luxurious amenities in rental properties, several exclusive trends are set to rule the rental market this year. Keep reading to find out about it.

7 Trends of Rental Properties to Look Out for in 2023

1. Emphasis on pet-friendly properties

If you are a tenant in Australia, you must get permission from your landlord to own a pet. And if the landlord isn’t okay with that, they must have a valid reason to deny that request. Also, rental property owners can apply to VCAT in order to refuse permission.

But these days, rental property trends are changing. Renters highly prefer to live with their pets. This is why many landlords are giving green signals to such requests.

The best part is that rental properties come with basic amenities such as pet washing stations, dog parks, and even pet grooming services, with the mindset of helping these animals have a better life along with their owners.

So, pet-friendly properties are getting more attention, which is expected to be a trend this year. One can easily find pet-friendly rental properties with the help of SKAD real estate agents in Thomastown, Epping, and Craigieburn. Since they promote such places, you can find one if you are a pet lover. 

But renters must ensure that their pets don’t cause any damage or be a nuisance to others and that the rental property is maintained clean. 

2. The smart home trend is here to stay

How about a rental property that not only gives you a roof over your head but also creates a personalised sanctuary to fulfil every need and simplify your life? That’s what smart home technology promises. This technology refers to the devices and appliances connected to the internet and can be controlled remotely using your handheld device.

The perks that smart homes offer have attracted more renters.

So this is why real estate agents offer properties equipped with smart home devices like smart thermostats, security systems, and voice-activated assistants like Siri or Alexa.

Another added advantage of smart homes is that they provide an extra layer of security. Smart locks and doorbells with cameras can be remotely controlled and monitored, giving renters freedom from worry as their property is being monitored even when they are not there.

Renting a smart home property is cool. But renters must ensure they know how to operate the devices and check if they are adequately secured so that their security isn’t breached.

Smart homes are not only a current trend, but their demand can rise in the future. 

3. Co-living spaces will witness a never-before-seen demand

Post-pandemic, you must be familiar with coworking spaces. But did you know that co-living is becoming the new normal in Australia? 

Co-living can be defined as a type of modern accommodation where the residents share a living space. 

Though the co-living concept has been around for a long time, the modern co-living concept is pretty new, and this rental choice is widely opted for by young people. Here, the homes are fully furnished, and have private bedrooms where one can unwind and share common areas.

One of the main benefits of shared living spaces is that they can help renters save their pocket on living expenses. For instance, in a rental property with a communal kitchen, tenants can share appliances and cooking tools. So this can significantly reduce the cost of buying and maintaining their kitchen equipment.

Since it promotes socialisation and cooperation, flexibility, and financial and health benefits, young professionals and students seek shared living spaces.

Check with the real estate agent in Craigieburn if you are hunting for co-living space in that area.

4. Luxury amenities in rental properties will attract high-end renters

Who would say no to renting a five-star hotel as a place to live their life? Rental properties with luxury amenities are becoming famous in the real estate market.

Landlords are going the extra mile to offer high-end amenities for their high-end customers, aka renters.

They provide supreme comfort and convenience by transforming rental properties into luxurious living spaces.

From rooftop pools and state-of-the-art fitness centres to smart home technology and concierge services, these amenities provide tenants with a unique lifestyle.

So, what are the amenities one gets? Previously, you read about smart homes, right? These properties come with the same, along with rooftop pools, fitness centres, concierge services such as laundry service and package delivery, and high-end kitchens. These are a few examples of the many luxury amenities now available in rental properties.

These luxury amenities at rental properties come at a premium rental cost. If you prefer comfort and convenience and want to experience the bells and whistles of a high-end hotel, ping your local real estate agents to find such properties.

rental properties

5. Increasing demand for sustainable homes

People are becoming more aware of how their lifestyle choices impact the environment. So they have started seeking sustainable, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient housing options.

These homes are designed to reduce their environmental impact by using renewable resources and reducing energy consumption. So they feature green roofs, energy-efficient appliances, water-saving features and solar panels.

Some rental properties are constructed using eco-friendly materials such as recycled steel, bamboo, etc.

Sustainable homes also contribute to reducing indoor air pollution and providing better insulation, resulting in better indoor air quality and more consistent temperatures.

Sustainable homes not only help preserve the environment but also benefit homeowners and renters as they enable long-term savings on utility bills and maintenance costs, a healthier living environment, and enhanced social responsibility. So, sustainable homes will become more prevalent in the real estate market.

Looking for sustainable rental properties in Thomastown? Get in touch with local real estate agents, such as Skad real Estate, who can find the best place to dwell in your budget.

6. Renters prefer flexible lease terms to traditional ones

Gone are the days when traditional long-term leases existed where the rental agreement lasted for a year or longer. Today, landlords and real estate agents have understood the demand for flexible lease terms and have opted for them.

This trend is popular among young people who prefer the ability to move to new living spaces more frequently due to work or are unsure of their future plans.

Flexible leasing options include month-to-month rentals, six-month rentals, or some leases that allow renters to renew on a rolling basis.

Also, this trend allows renters to choose a rental form that suits their lifestyle and budget. The best part is that it allows them to test a neighbourhood or property before committing to a longer-term lease.

But do you know why landlords and real estate agents shifted away from traditional leasing options?

It’s because flexible leasing options can be beneficial. Attracting tenants can also help reduce vacancy rates by keeping properties occupied by short-term renters.

7. Demand for e-commerce warehouse rentals will boom.

Not only individuals but also e-commerce businesses will need rental properties.

In the era of online shopping, it’s no surprise that e-commerce warehouse rentals will be in demand. Businesses are in need of larger spaces to store their inventory, fulfil online orders and manage logistics. But the catch is that E-commerce warehouses must be strategically located to ensure efficient order fulfilment and delivery.

Renting a warehouse space is often considered a cost-effective option than building one because it saves on upfront costs and ongoing expenses for maintenance.

Wrapping Up

From technological advancements to sustainability and luxurious amenities in rental properties, several exclusive trends are set to rule the rental market in the coming year.

To cater to all the needs of renters and landlords, real estate agents are staying ahead of the curve to help their customers.

They can assist landlords in finding potential renters by advertising the property, screening potential tenants, and conducting background checks. On the other hand, these agents can help tenants or renters find the best rental properties that fit their budget and needs.

If you are searching for rental properties in Epping, Craigieburn, or Thomastown, contact SKAD real estate.

The real estate agents here are licensed professionals with expertise in buying, selling, and renting properties. Since they have years of experience under their belts, they have a deep understanding of the local rental market. They can help landlords and tenants find suitable properties and guide them in legal and financial matters related to renting a property.


Everything You Need to Know about Finding the Best Land for Sale to Build Your Ideal House

Have you decided to buy the ideal land for sale and build your dream home in Thomastown?

Congratulations! Now your head must be spinning about what the next step is to fulfil your big, blissful Australian dream. We understand that buying land can be an exciting and strenuous job. And it adds up if you want to build a residential house on it.

So, we have come up with a detailed guide on the best way to buy land and things to avoid when buying land for sale and building your ideal house.

Guide on How to Buy the Best Land for Sale

1. What is your dream home location?


What is the use of building your dream home in a location that is not close to your heart? Defining your location is much important.

So, are you looking for land in Thomastown or any particular location?

If yes, try to get acquainted with that area and learn about the area you are interested in.

Wondering how to find land for sale?

Searching for land for sale is not hard. You can check out some reliable real estate sites, local papers, and news bulletins for upcoming developments and land releases.

You can also drive to the area to find vacant land.

If this work seems hectic, ping your local real estate agent for help choosing land to build your home.


2. How to choose a block of land

There are two options for choosing land for sale in places like Thomastown.

Option 1: Choose a builder

A “pay on completion” deal can be signed with your builder. By signing it, the builder will purchase a chosen block of land of your preference, build the house, and finally get the final cost later from you later.

Option 2: Buy land and build your own home

The other option is to buy the land first and decide to build a house on it later.

Here, you can work directly with the landowner or a real estate agent to buy the land.


Things to consider when purchasing land


You must know “What to avoid when buying land.” Here we have given important things to consider as well as avoid.

A. Choose the type of land

Did you know that not all lands are the same? For instance, there are land zoning areas, agricultural zones, and industrial zones, and it is important to check the restrictions.

Let’s brief you on the same.

To know the best use of the land, whether for residential, commercial, or industrial use, research the zoning regulations for your property and the surrounding area.

What if the government has planned to build a highway to a different infrastructure through the land or nearby area?

So, ensure the land for sale is the proper fit for building your dream house.

Now you may question how to check the land zone.

Well, every state or territory in Australia has its land zoning regulations. You can contact your territory or the state’s Planning Department to find out the zone for your land.

Some local councils have land zones listed on their websites. Check it. Otherwise, state government websites must have done the same. Lastly, a local real estate agent will help you check the zone.

Can you build a house on agriculturally zoned land?

If you are building a house on agriculturally zoned land, you must get a permit from the local council.

Some plots may already come with approved building plans. However, it is essential to reach it before making a purchase.

Why should you avoid investing in land on industrial-zoned land?

Though some states permit building a residential building on industrial land, it is not highly recommended. A building permit is required and may be hard to come by.

Is investing in a crown land legit?

What is crown land in the first place?

It’s land owned and managed by the state or territory. The national parks, roads, and public spaces are crown land.


Note: When purchasing rural land, check if any crown land is present in the area. Many rural lots will be bordered by or partially considered crown land. In this case, you can apply to lease the land from the crown, but ownership will remain with the state.

So, can you buy crown land?

In some cases, blocks of land that no longer serve the public will be put on sale. However, purchasing this type of land is a lengthy process. If you are still interested, you can apply to your local state or territory for the same.

What is freehold land?

Most properties of Australians are considered freehold. If an owner has complete land ownership with no time limit on owning the land, it is called freehold land. This land can be passed on to the next generation without any issues.

B. What to know when buying vacant land?

If you have picked a location and chosen a particular land, you must check the next set of things.

1. Is the land uneven or sloppy?

We know that not every plot of land is the same. If the land for sale is too uneven or sloppy, you must invest some effort to make the land flat. However, if the land is slightly uneven, it can be left as it is.

Remember, buying sloped land is less expensive than flat land. But building a house on uneven land is complex and requires levelling. Either way, it is costly.

You can go ahead if you can find an experienced builder who can handle any type of land to build a building.

2. Check the utilities to the land

Checking the utilities of the land is highly important. Because when you buy land that has access to water, gas, electricity and other amenities, you can save your pocket when building a home. Otherwise, you must allocate a budget to connect the utilities to the land.

If, in case, the land lacks primary utility connections, research the costs for the connection. Remember, utility connections can cost thousands of dollars based on the location.

So, check what companies can connect gas, electrical and water, the cost and other needs. Get quotes from different companies, compare and commit to the best company for the utility connection.

3. How safe is the land?

Is the land put for sale safe from bushfires and flooding?

You know Australia battles bushfires during summer, and other natural disasters affect the country. Though Thomastown is a relatably safer place, you must consider where exactly your block of land is located. Get to know how safe your new home will be.

Do a quick soil testing

The land degradation issue must not be overlooked. Check if the land has been degraded due to natural impacts. This factor is important because it determines the ability to build a home, grow a garden and maintain them.

So, this soil testing process is compulsory, and it is done by an engineer or arranged by the construction company to learn how reactive it

3. Finances for buying land and building a house

If all the above things are finalized, it’s time to check the finance for buying the land and building a house.

If you don’t have the entire budget in hand to buy the land and build a home, you can get a home loan to secure funds.

How much deposit is needed to buy land in Thomastown or other areas?

The deposit required for a loan varies based on your provider. However, you need a minimum of five per cent in most cases, and deposits below 20% need Lenders Mortgage Insurance and upfront fees for all land and house purchases.

Also, remember that you need at least eight per cent of your total loan amount ready for a deposit and upfront costs to finance your purchase.

Get construction loan

This short-term loan is paid out over 12 months, mainly designed to help your building start. This loan will be sanctioned after the lender checks the construction plans and budget. And will be sanctioned based on the construction timetable.

Once the house is built, this loan will be converted into a standard home loan.

4. What is the land value?

Another essential thing to know when buying vacant land is the land value. Use a land value calculator or look for free land value services. And finally, compare the price of different plots sold in your area.

5. Pay stamp duty on land

Stamp duty is a must for all land and house purchases in Australia.

If you buy and build a block of land later, you pay stamp duty on your land’s purchase price.

But if you are working with a builder to pay on completion, you pay stamp duty on the full cost of the land and house.

Besides this, you must also pay your land tax issued by the government.


If you have planned to buy land now and build your house later, then ensure to check if there is any regulation. For example, some areas may have a rule that you must build a house within 12 to 18 months of buying the land.


However, there won’t be such regulations if it is a rural area. This is why you must have a word with your local authorities to ensure the same.


Overall, buying land is a big investment. So, before tipping your toe into this, research and decide what to buy. If you don’t have the time, call SKAD real estate today. Our real estate agency’s experienced team helps you find the ideal land for sale, especially in Thomastown and Craigieburn. Contact us today!









Top Things to Consider before Choosing a Real Estate Agent in 2023

It’s 2023, and you may be thinking about buying a new home or selling your old one. Despite your inclination to handle everything yourself, real estate is likely to be one of the biggest financial decisions of your life, so it’s best to seek professional guidance.  Property purchases or sales involve much more than what is shown in online listings. Most people won’t be able to handle some of the required legal documents without actually working within the real estate industry.

Essentially, a real estate agent is a logistics coordinator and problem solver. From emotional support to ensuring that the process runs smoothly, they help you throughout. However, choosing the right real estate agency can be a difficult task. Referrals, local reputation, and word of mouth often play a large role in the decision-making process. Even though these are good indicators, there are many other factors to consider before choosing an agency.

Let’s take a closer look at the top things to consider before choosing a real estate agency in 2023:

1) Extensive Market Knowledge: Unlike other professionals, agents are well-versed in current conditions and trends in the real estate market. Property investors can benefit greatly from hiring a real estate agent for this reason. Agents who specialize in the housing market understand the impact of a variety of factors, including mortgage rates and unemployment rates. Both buyers’ and sellers’ markets are intimately familiar with their knowledge of street-by-street and even house-by-house market dynamics. 

 2) Interview the Real Estate Agent: Approach meeting a real estate agent like a job interview when preparing for the first time. You can gather important information for yourself by interviewing a variety of real estate agents before choosing which agent to trust with your valuable property sale. You should ask specific questions to determine which agent is right for you.

3) Agencies Have Professional Networks: Networking is one of the most important skills of an agent. When it comes to buying and selling a house, they know just about everyone involved. Many people will likely have a list of preferred providers they have worked with in the past and who they trust.  Utilize your buyer’s agent’s network instead of researching these people individually and reaching out to them on your own. If you are a beginner real estate investor, this will help you build a network of professionals you can trust and rely on for future property investments.

4) Maintain Informed Open Communication: It is important to find an agent who is willing to answer all of your questions and concerns. It is imperative that they are knowledgeable and versed in the ins and outs of home buying so they can guide you through it. It’s important to be able to reach your agent via mobile, email, and personal meetings during normal business hours.  

5) Analyze Previous Sales Experience: Online reviews can help you determine what to expect when choosing a real estate agent. Think beyond just evaluating the activities and services of the real estate agent.

6) Superior Negotiating Skills: It can be difficult to negotiate directly with a buyer or seller, which is another reason why you should use a real estate agent. Real estate professionals are adept negotiators because they have years of experience. Their experience lets them know which strategies work and which don’t.

7) Experienced & Resourceful: Choose an agent who has many connections within the industry and is resourceful. They must be able to demonstrate outstanding professional skills as well as have the right knowledge of the local area in order to obtain the best offers for their clients, regardless of the type of transaction. Pay close attention to those who listen to you and can actually answer your questions in a way that is appropriate for you. Find out what their real estate experience is and how successful they have been with their past clients with references or reviews provided online, if possible.

8) Licensed Professionals: How does someone with experience in the field differ from someone with no expertise? For any agent to be called a professional within the industry, he or she must obtain professionalism and a license. A real estate agent is a licensed professional who adheres to a strict code of ethics, and their sole responsibility is to represent the interests of their clients. It is imperative for them to do everything in their power to save as much time as possible as well as offer the most attractive deal that will satisfy both parties.

 9) Knowledge of Rules & Regulations: In the real estate industry as well as other industries, rules, and regulations are constantly changing. In order to provide you with the best service possible, real estate agencies and their trusted agents must keep their clients informed at all times regarding all changes within the regulations.

 10) Contracts & Legal Documents: The average real estate contract includes over 50 pages of terms, conditions, and legal documents. Therefore, an attorney needs to review the documents. It is possible for you to get confused and misunderstood some of the terms stated in the contract without proper guidance or representation. Having a real estate agent by your side will ensure that you are protected and secured throughout the contract. 

 11) Knowledge of Property Value: Whether a property is currently available or can be obtained in the near future, real estate agents deal with prospective buyers. In most cases, they can estimate the right value of a house or property by simply inspecting it, and knowing all the factors in determining its value. In that way, you are able to determine what would be the best way to sell a property. They can offer you the best price within the real estate market if you are planning to sell or buy, so your property does not stay on the market for too long and lose value.


When it comes to property trading, a realtor plays an important role. A good real estate agent has a deep understanding of the market and knows all its perks and drawbacks. It is important, however, to find a real estate agent who can help you. We hope this blog has provided you with some useful information regarding points to consider.

 Need assistance with properties for sale? SKAD offers a wide range of houses and lands for sale, catering to every budget and lifestyle. You can count on our experienced agents to help you find the perfect property and guide you through the sale process. 


Top Tips for Staging your Craigieburn Property for Sale

The term staging has been buzzing in the real estate industry for a long time. However, staging encompasses much more than simply renovating a home before putting it on the market. Staging a home aims to attract the greatest number of potential buyers, resulting in a faster and more profitable sale. From a thorough cleaning to a complete renovation, staging can take many forms.  During home staging, a home’s best features are highlighted and an inviting atmosphere is created by cleaning, decluttering, depersonalizing, and rearranging furniture and décor. Staging your home is all about showing off your property for sale in Craigieburn in the best way possible while giving it a modern feel.

Let’s take a look at the top tips for staging a property for sale in Craigieburn

1) Decide a Budget: Before staging your house, you’ll need to determine how much you can afford to spend on agent’s fees, marketing costs, conveyance/solicitor fees, lender fees, auction fees, and home staging fees. If your budget permits, you can choose to refurnish certain rooms partially or fully.

2) Get Professional Help: It’s worth hiring a professional to make sure your home is styled to appeal to the widest range of buyers. Invest in professional stylists to come in and assess your furniture, storage needs, and any improvements you can make one-on-one.

3) Create Enough Space: To attract a wider audience, declutter and create a sense of harmony and space in your home. Select a style that complements your home and ensures it flows through every room. Adding the right furniture, color themes, flooring, etc. creates the illusion of space.

4) Deep Clean: Keeping your home clean shows potential buyers that you care for it. From the floors to the ceilings, and everything in between, you should clean every inch of your house.

 5) Flooring: When staging the floors, make sure to focus on common areas such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen. For kitchens and bathrooms, ceramic tile, high-quality vinyl tiles, or stone is a good choice.

 6) Lighting: Utilize natural light in your home. In preparation for showings, open all your curtains and blinds & add fixtures where necessary, and turn all the lights on. The result is a brighter, more welcoming home.

7) Walls and Ceilings: A crack in the wall or ceiling may indicate problems with the foundation, which is a red flag to buyers. If your home has foundation problems, either fix them or tell potential buyers about them; fixing any foundation problems is better for selling the home.

8) Exterior: A buyer’s first impression of a home can be greatly impacted by the exterior and entryway. So, maintain your lawn, hedges, and trees, and remove weeds. Washing the windows thoroughly and adding a deck or patio with outdoor furniture is another way to maximize the use of the exterior of your home.


Now that you have learned how to stage your house, a qualified real estate company is what you need. They will know how to make your house look it’s very best with the least amount of effort to get you the best sale deal.

Need help with property for sale in Craigieburn? SKAD Real Estate is a full-service real estate firm in Craigieburn, providing expert advice on all aspects of residential and commercial real estate, including sales, property management, leasing, and special projects.