Swimming pools are sought after features that can increase the appeal of a property to buyers and renters. – Skad Real Estate

Pools are one of the most popular features looked at by buyers when searching for property, ranking higher than a granny flat, duplex, and even a beach or waterfront location.

If you are considering maybe planning on selling or leasing your home with a pool, you are in luck. There are a few things you should do before you put it on the market.

First and most important your pool should be registered and up to date with safety standards.

A swimming pool certificate of compliance can be obtained from either your local council or an accredited certifier under the Building Professional Act.

An inspection will be carried out and if the swimming pool or spa meets all the safety requirements, a certificate of compliance will be issued which gives you the go ahead to lease or sell. If the pool is deemed non-compliant with safety requirements, you will receive a list of requirements needed to achieve compliance and plans of selling or leasing will be put on hold until those safety standards are met.

You will then need to undertake those changes and this will be followed by a secondary inspection.

Once the inspection is over and you have the tick of approval, you will receive your certificate, it is valid for three years from the date of issue. Receiving a certificate of compliance will vary in costs.

If you ask your local council, they can charge up to $150 for the initial inspection and up to $100 for the secondary inspection. Accredited certifiers will have their own fees so make sure to research the best option for you.

If you live in a property where there is a shared pool, such as a strata or community title property, you will not need to carry out an individual pool inspection as this is taken care of by the owner’s corporation.  The process of receiving a certificate of compliance can vary in time, so it is important that you factor in plenty of time before you sell. Being organised is an imperative part of selling your home.

If you’re selling your property, both the certificate of compliance and the certificate of registration need to be attached to the contract of sale.

For rental homes, only the certificate of compliance, or an occupation certificate issued in the last three years, need to be provided to tenants.

If you have a pool and are interested to know more, please contact our knowledgeable agents today!


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