Tips to take the Stress out of Moving – Skad Real Estate

Accept that stress is a normal part of the moving process –

If you recognize from the get-go that you are probably going to stress over the course of your move, you’re less likely to let it set you back when it happens. Every move is going to involve a little bit of stress.

1. Give yourself enough time –

One of the biggest sources of moving stress is time and not having enough of it. A stress free move might not be entirely possible, but you can make it a whole lot easier by making sure to give yourself  enough time to getting everything done.

2. Stay organized –

From packing and labelling boxes in a way that makes them easier to unpack, to keeping all of the documents you might need, to the contract with your movers. If you make organization a priority first off, you’ll set yourself up for fewer headaches and an easier overall move.

3. Consider Hiring a Moving Service –

A moving service can take a huge amount of stress off your back by doing all the physical work for you. Some even include the planning as well. It’s an easy and efficient way to cut down your stress during the moving process. Make sure to research the moving company to ensure it is a reputable choice.

4. Declutter in advance –

Clearing your home of any old, unwanted or unnecessary items before your move can save you time and stress, but it can also save you money! It might be hard to say goodbye to the memories but you will thank yourself later once you start unpacking in your new home!

By donating, recycling or throwing away things you don’t need, you’re cutting down on the amount of stuff you need to move. The less stuff you have, the smaller the truck and the fewer hours you need your removals team for. This is cost effective and helps you cut down your organising time as well!

The simple way to save money on your move is to avoid paying to transport things that you’re only going to throw away when you reach your new home!


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